Ellipsis Medical DNA test will reveal your propensity to develop diabetes, insomnia, cancer and heart diseases among other illnesses. Your DNA test will guide you through preventive measures to lower the risk associated with these killer diseases and improve your chances to live a healthy life.

As a fully integrated Virtual Medicine Provider, we are not in the business of commercializing DNA test kits. Our mission is to follow up on your health concerns by providing you with doctors and health professionals that will assist you in bringing real solutions to your problems from the comfort of your home.

Based on your DNA test and by registering in our virtual medical clinic, you will receive personalized medical treatment and help doctors to tackle diagnostic challenges, predict outcomes and possible recurrences and prevention treatment strategies by targeting the right medication. Welcome to your new DNA Journey with Ellipsis Medical.

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Genetic testing helps estimate your chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. It does this by searching for specific changes in your genes, chromosomes, or proteins. These changes are called mutations.

Genetic testing is a personal decision made for different reasons. It is also a complex decision best made after talking with your family, health care team, and genetic counselor.

The results will help with diagnosis or management of a condition. For example, you may take steps to lower your risk. Steps may include, medication, frequent screening, or lifestyle changes.

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Why do you need a Nutrition Profile?
If what you eat does not meet your unique needs, a supposedly healthy diet can actually put you at risk of developing chronic diseases. Don’t trust to luck if you want to live a long and healthy life! Take a Nutrition Profile test and learn about the crucial link between DNA and diet.

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Your DNA and gut bacteria are unique. Knowing about them is your key to better management of health, nutrition and physical activity. With this knowledge, you can change.

Many of these conditions can’t be cured (thus “chronic”), only managed, and are caused by a combination of factors, including lifestyle, gut microbial health and genetic predisposition. New technology, like microbiome and DNA testing, can assess for risk factors and help prevent many chronic diseases.

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Discover the actions you should take to achieve your fitness goals.

Understand how your genetic and lifestyle information combine to influence how you respond to, or will benefit from, certain ways of eating, exercising, supplementing or behaving.

Use this new found knowledge and follow workout plans and nutritional guidelines geared towards your goal, based on your genetic.

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While 99.9% of your DNA is identical to everyone else, it is that 1% that makes your experience with Cannabis Personal. Our team of world-renowned scientists have developed a DNA test that will analyze your genetics to learn how your DNA may influence your experience.

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Skin Care

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